Tuesday, February 25, 2014

spring is here, what's in your closet?

Spring is here.  Which means, your wardrobe is about to change.  But, how will you ever find your spring frocks behind your over-sized sweaters?  Getting dressed in the morning should be fun and creative, not stressful or time-consuming.  If you are buried in winter clothes without a fresh spring look, we can help.  We offer closet cleaning and organizing tips with our Style Expert, Michelle. 

Here are just a few of Michelle's expert tips.  Let her help with your Spring Closet Makeover.

 Use shoe trees in boots to maintain form.
Clear containers keep the dust off shoes, and allows you to see your options.

Make your storage solutions pretty.
Add gorgeous baskets to hide flip flops and extra hangers.

Sort tops: short-sleeve to long sleeve, light to dark... 
You can never have enough white linen blouses (as you can see). 

What do you think?  Do you need some help with your spring look?
Contact Michelle: 602.334.1345

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