Monday, December 23, 2013

fashion tip of the week

Combine multiple trends for the holidays: Winter White and Lace.
Add a tweed coat and scarf to balance the feminine lace and keep you warm (even in Phoenix).
The perfect combination for your holiday festivities.

Monday, December 16, 2013

fashion tip of the week

 We're loving the Winter Whites this year.  Pair a gorgeous crisp white blouse with velvet jeans in a warm tone.  This is our button down tuxedo blouse and navy velvet AG jeans, the perfect combo.

Monday, December 9, 2013

fashion tip of the week

Holidays are here, ladies.  Do not hesitate to bring your holiday wardrobe to work. 
Alpaca sweaters with a pleated skirt and boots - Winter white is a great way of dressing in December.

Monday, December 2, 2013

fashion tip of the week

go for this stylish motorcycle chic look during the day... no motorcycle required.  
combine a patterned tee, a leather jacket, fitted jeans, and the perfect motorcycle boot.
add an oversized houndstooth jacket and your look goes from motorcycle chic to evening stylish.

Monday, November 25, 2013

fashion tip of the week

when wearing a scarf, never let it wear you.  let the scarf drape and fall where it may... 
never fidget with it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

fashion tip of the week

do not shy away from the tight jeans and leggings, ladies! 
nervous?!  spanx will save you.

Friday, November 15, 2013

lulu bella... just like all the girls

LuLu looking lean and loving life

Lucy Anderson (or LuLu Bella to close friends and family) is an American Bulldog and the proud mascot of the new Willows Apparel Boutique.  Her picture stands tall and proud, guarding the jewelry case.

Earlier this year it was politely mentioned, by dear friends at The Willows, that LuLu was looking a little rounder than usual.  Ok, let’s not be polite… they said she was looking huge and headed for a heart attack!  So, we swallowed our pride, hid our tail between our legs, and headed to the vet.  LuLu, indeed, had put on some extra lbs – she weighed in at a whopping 106 lbs… so that explains the difficult breathing and stiff joints! 

We started a strict weight control diet and dedicated ourselves to running a mile every day.   Rain or shine, cold or scalding hot, we ran our mile.

Seven months later… we had our tails proudly wagging as we walked back into the vet and stepped up on that scale – LuLu Bella has lost 16 lbs!  She is so much happier, has stopped snoring, and bounces around with a whole new attitude. 

 LuLu is really just like us, ladies… proper diet, exercise, we slim down, tighten up, and suddenly, we are all bouncing around with a whole new attitude.

Monday, November 11, 2013

fashion tip of the week


layer your clothes.  use different textures and fabric and accessorize with the unexpected... an animal print flat, a large bright bag, and a great scarf or fabulous belt with studs.

Monday, November 4, 2013

fashion tip of the week

this fall, there are shorter skirts and shorter boots, but don't be afraid, just add dark tights and the look becomes long and lean
- michelle

Friday, November 1, 2013

meet our fashion stylist... Michelle

If you have not met Michelle, our fashion stylist, stop in to the new Willows Apparel Boutique and introduce yourself.  Michelle comes to us with more than ten years experience buying designer and contemporary merchandise.  She always has the scoop on the latest fashion trends and will share classic tips to have you looking your very best. 

Here's what Michelle can do for you: 
IN STORE:  She'll begin evaluating your body shape for the perfect fitting jeans, shirts, sweater, etc.  Michelle will pull outfits together so you have your "go to" basic look, then she'll accessorize your new look with jewelry and shoes.  Creating your entire ensemble.

PERSONAL SHOPPING:  Michelle will accompany you to some of your favorite stores in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area.  She will pull stylish looks for you to try, and together you'll have so much fun creating your new look.

ORGANIZING:  Michelle is phenomenally gifted in organizing closets and editing your existing wardrobe.  She'll teach you how to incorporate your closet with your new pieces, and she'll help you purge the sweater hiding in the back that you haven't worn in years.

Call to speak with Michelle: 602.334.1345
And stay tuned for her tip of the week!

Here are some comments from satisfied personal shopping clients:

"I ended up wearing the black shirt with the new leathery / shiny black pants, and the new black belt and my short boots with a studded wedge... I looked awesome!  I felt so put together and got a lot of compliments.  Today I wore a more casual outfit and just the tucked in shirt with the sweet brown belt - WOW!  That made me look so much more put together and stylish!  Got lots more complements.  I thought I was going to have buyers remorse spending $175 on the belt (nuts!), but girl, that belt is awesome!! Thank you so much, I love everything we bought and I really appreciate the help.  Thank you for spending your Saturday with me, we had a lot of fun.  Looking forward to another shopping trip with you in a couple months." - Deanna H.

"My daughter had a great time shopping with Michelle.  She found some wonderful items, and stayed under budget.  She really enjoyed the experience and loved how Michelle handled everything and how efficient she was with their time together.  Thank you for taking care of her." - Barb