Friday, November 15, 2013

lulu bella... just like all the girls

LuLu looking lean and loving life

Lucy Anderson (or LuLu Bella to close friends and family) is an American Bulldog and the proud mascot of the new Willows Apparel Boutique.  Her picture stands tall and proud, guarding the jewelry case.

Earlier this year it was politely mentioned, by dear friends at The Willows, that LuLu was looking a little rounder than usual.  Ok, let’s not be polite… they said she was looking huge and headed for a heart attack!  So, we swallowed our pride, hid our tail between our legs, and headed to the vet.  LuLu, indeed, had put on some extra lbs – she weighed in at a whopping 106 lbs… so that explains the difficult breathing and stiff joints! 

We started a strict weight control diet and dedicated ourselves to running a mile every day.   Rain or shine, cold or scalding hot, we ran our mile.

Seven months later… we had our tails proudly wagging as we walked back into the vet and stepped up on that scale – LuLu Bella has lost 16 lbs!  She is so much happier, has stopped snoring, and bounces around with a whole new attitude. 

 LuLu is really just like us, ladies… proper diet, exercise, we slim down, tighten up, and suddenly, we are all bouncing around with a whole new attitude.

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